Audiolab 6000A Stereo Amp & SPEKTOR 6 Speakers Black HiFi Package


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The Audiolab 6000A Stereo Amp & SPEKTOR 6 Speakers HiFi Package is an all-in-one solution with what you need to get you started on your hi-fi journey with an amplifier speakers and cables all included. The DALI SPEKTOR range like all DALI loudspeakers has been designed in accordance with DALIs fundamental acoustic and electro-acoustic principles and a strong belief that clarity and an authentic honest sound reproduction will get you even closer to the full impact of a live music experience. SPEKTOR 6 are built around two 6″ woofers and a 25 mm soft dome tweeter this large floorstanding speaker is the power-house of the SPEKTOR family. Serving up a detailed dynamic and powerful audio reproduction they are the perfect choice for any stereo or surround setup. The 6000A is the latest in a long time of Audiolab integrated Amplifiers with a pedigree that stretches back to the very first 8000A that made Audiolab an overnight sensation. An amplifier remains the beating heart of any high-performance audio system but a truly versatile integrated amp needs to cover many bases. digital and analogue sources wireless connectivity for portable devices a phono stage to cater for vinyl playback and amplification for headphones and speakers. Thats a lot to pack in whilst keeping performance high and the price tag affordable and yet thats exactly what the 6000A delivers. The Fisual / QED Hi-Fi Cable Pack is also included to get you up and running straight away.

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