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ULTRA-WIDE STRETCHED BAR DISPLAYS Perfect as a banner-style endcap display in retail stores and supermarkets Versatile Retail Solution Whether being used as part of an end-aisle display or as…

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ULTRA-WIDE STRETCHED BAR DISPLAYSnnPerfect as a banner-style endcap display in retail stores and supermarketsnnVersatile Retail SolutionnnWhether being used as part of an end-aisle display or as a unique individual screen, this solution offers a versatile range of possible applications. The flexibility of portrait or landscape use and the ultra-wide aspect ratio make them the perfect accompaniment for our LCD Shelf Edge Displays.nnSynchronise Multiple DisplaysnnThe multi-screen synchronisation function allows you to place multiple displays side-by-side and run attention-grabbing content seamlessly across the entire promotional endcap.nnStreamlined EnclosurennDesigned to maximise the impact of content, these displays feature a sleek, narrow bezel. This is especially important when placing multiple screens together. The compact design also adds to the aesthetic and reduces strain on shelf edges.nnHigh BrightnessnnIdeal for brightly-lit retail spaces, these displays feature 700cd/m (28 model) and 1,000 cd/m (37 model) commercial grade high brightness panels a” certain to make your content really stand out.nnIPS PanelnnIdeal for portrait use, commercial grade IPS panels guarantee incredible image quality and colour depth at an ultra-wide viewing angle in any direction without any fall-off in colour accuracy.nnClear HD ResolutionnnUnlike DV-LED stretched displays, this solution uses a full HD LCD panel to provide a clear image and fine details. This high resolution is essential to be able to read text at close proximity and also produces the best results when showing video.nnFree Network UpgradennThese displays come with a free upgrade to unlock network CMS functionality. The built-in Android media player also allows you to easily update the screen via USB plug and play or using third-party software if necessary.nn24/7 Commercial GradennDesigned for supermarkets and other retail spaces, these displays utilise a commercial grade LCD panel, LED backlight and internal components. This means they can run constantly 24/7 for over 70,000 hours.nnMultiple InputsnnIf you need to use the screen as a monitor, you can connect it to an external source, such as a third-party PC or media player, using the HDMI or VGA and 3.5mm audio jack inputs.

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